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Engage in a Scoping Study for a NASA Tropical Forest Terrestrial Ecology Campaign

Elsa Ordway

Learn about and provide feedback on a NASA funded effort to scope a 6- to 9-year multi-scale campaign in the tropics focused on improving understanding of the heterogeneous responses to climate change, with broad research focus on biodiversity, biogeochemical cycling, and food security.


Gathering International Perspectives on Environmental DNA (eDNA) Standardization for Biodiversity Assessment and Conservation Monitoring

Shana Hirsch

This interactive workshop will bring together eDNA researchers and practitioners who work in the Global South or remote areas so that we can better understand how international standards for eDNA could support or hinder their conservation and biodiversity work.


Biodiversity Metrics for Ecosystem Function and Social Impact

Michael Musgrave, Victor Muposhi

Integrated approach to the development of biodiversity uplift metrics for investors and conservation project developers.


Meet the Biotropica Editorial Board

Jennifer Powers

Please join us over lunch for an informal conversation with the Biotropica Editorial Board to help demystify the publication process.


PV Nature - Delivering Impact for Nature, Climate and People through Inclusive Nature-Based Solutions

Toral Shah

An exciting interactive opportunity to learn more about, and participate in, a pioneering and inclusive movement aimed at attracting responsible investment towards incentivising and empowering IPs and LCs, to conserve and restore biodiversity, while at the same time delivering tangible positive benefits for people and climate.


Fragmented, Hunted Fragile Ecosystems: Exploration of Habitat Degradation and Its Devastating Impacts on Orphan Tropical

Onja Razanamaro, Seheno Andriantsaralaza, Edu Effiom, Rukayat Ademola

This session explores the cascading effects of defaunation and habitat fragmentation on tropical ecosystems, particularly the plight of "orphan plants" dependent on animals for survival.


Changing the Narrative: Stories of Hope in African Conservation

Juliette Chapalain

This panel explores how Africa's nature-positive initiatives and conservation solutions are creating a hopeful narrative for the continent and stand in stark opposition to the continent’s primarily negative portrayal in Western media.

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