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The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Model: What’s New, What Works, Where Do We Need to Go?

Beth Kaplin

This symposium will explore opportunities presented by the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves which are meant to serve as models for addressing livelihood needs sustainably while supporting environmental conservation, based on case studies from different biosphere reserves around the world.


Nature as an Ally for Sustainability

Rangarirai Huruba

If we do not pay attention and adjust to nature's beckoning, one day nature will humble us. Let's drive towards nature based solutions. 


Successful Conservation, Adaptation, and Resilience in the Tropics: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Annabel Banda

A multidisciplinary approach in Conservation, Adaptation and Resilience in the Tropics


Avian Adaptation and Resilience in Tropical Regions

Peter Gachigi

This text discusses the yearly breeding and molting cycles of birds, and how they differ depending on the region they live in. The article emphasizes the importance of studying these cycles, especially in tropical birds that have received less attention in past research.


Advancing Wildlife Monitoring and Conservation through Data-Driven Approaches: A Capacity Building Initiative in Africa

Deogratias Tuyisingize

This symposium shows a pioneering initiative in wildlife conservation training for early-career African researchers. Using existing datasets, participants produced peer-reviewed articles addressing biodiversity, human impacts, carbon storage, and climate change effects on great apes and mammal ecosystems. Join us to learn about this transformative training model.


It’s All about the Little Things – Insect Research across the Tropics

Friederike Gebert, Chiew Li Yuen, Eleanor Slade

This symposium showcases insect research across the tropics, highlighting potential threats to insects and how they might be better protected in the future, what environmental predictors impact their distributions, and their importance as bioindicators and ecosystem service providers.


Nurturing Africa's Future through Empowering Youth in Conservation for Cultural Sustainability and Enrichment

Pride Mzinja

Empowering youth in conservation is critical for Africa's future as it ensures  preservation of cultural heritage and sustainable practices. Youth participation not only builds a deep link to tradition, but also ensures the continuance of environmental care, underlining their essential position as torchbearers of conservation and sustainable resource use.


Warming Responses of Tropical Plants and Ecosystems

Göran Wallin, Kerry-Anne Grey, Johan Uddling, Myriam Mujawamariya

This symposium treats warming responses of tropical plants and how these influence ecosystem processes and services in a changing climate.


Linking Tree Phenology with Changes in African Forest Ecosystem Functionalities: Setting Standards and Fostering Long-Term

Herve Roland Memiaghe

African Phenology needs to be standardized and expanded to better understand the forest-climate linkages in the African tropics to guide new management approaches for sustainable forest management and readiness for climate change impacts.


Avian Responses to Land-Use Change in Tropical Forest Ecosystems

Katerina Sam, Kryštof Korejs

This symposium brings together researchers who aim to better understand the key ecological drivers of avian responses to human-induced land-use change in tropical forest ecosystems at both regional and pantropical scales.


Liana Ecology Unveiled: Exploring Multifaceted Roles in Tropical Forest Ecosystems

Sruthi Moorthy Krishna Moorthy Parvathi, Gbadamassi Dossa, Stefan Schnitzer, Félicien Meunier

This symposium delves into the multifaceted roles of lianas in tropical forests, expanding beyond carbon dynamics to explore their impacts on nutrient cycling, biodiversity, and ecosystem resilience, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration to advance our understanding of these vital components of tropical biodiversity.


Diverse Biotic Interactions across the Global Tropics

Gabriel Colorado Z., Eben Goodale

This symposium welcomes research in any aspect of species interactions or conservation of such interactions, highlighting – but not requiring – projects that collect data internationally and work together towards joint understanding.


Socio-Ecological Resilience and Biodiversity

Tania D'haijere

An overview of the activities of a Belgian Network and their partner universities on Socio-ecological resilience and biodiversity in Pantropic.


Innovative Remote Sensing Approaches to Understand Tropical Ecosystem Functioning and Structure

Felipe Martello

The symposium focuses on integrating remote sensing with ecological methods to understand and conserve the structure, function, and resilience of tropical ecosystems, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and driving advancements in conservation strategies.


Using Long-Term Vegetation Plot Data to Inform Management and Conservation in Africa

Sally Archibald, Natasha Ribeiro, Justice Muvengwi

Session exploring how ong-term vegetation plot data  can be used to inform management and conservation in Africa as the African plot network starts expanding out of forests


Community-Based Solutions for the Conservation and Future of the Tropics

Camila Duarte Ritter

With the aim of better understanding the different types of interactions between people and biodiversity, we propose to explore examples of co-construction of tropical conservation strategies, through the integration of traditional and scientific knowledge. Bringing into focus community-based conservation models, exposing ways to increase biodiversity resilience and local empowerment.


Fire Dynamics in Tropical Savannas: Interdisciplinary Approaches for Conservation and Management

Manoela Machado, Imma Oliveras Menor, Glynis Humphrey

This symposium brings together experts to explore fire ecology in tropical savannas, focusing on the impact of fire dynamics on biodiversity, conservation strategies, and policy implications, with a goal to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and actionable insights for managing one of the world's most fire-prone and ecologically significant biomes.


Local Action, Global Impact: Community-Based Grauer's Gorilla Conservation in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Augustin Basabose

This symposium gives us the opportunity to share our community-based conservation approaches, involving various local stakeholders to address the various challenges facing Grauer's gorilla conservation in Kahuzi-Biega National Park.


Ecology, Threats, and Conservation Status of Tropical Peatlands

Scott Winton, Angela Gallego-Sala, Euridice Nora Honorio Coronado, Kemen Austin

This session will focus on the role of tropical peatlands in the carbon cycle, emphasizing their sensitivity to disturbance and climate change, and will feature presentations on peatland distribution, ecosystem ecology, floristics, and the impacts of conservation threats and management strategies.


Integrating Locally-Led Biodiversity Exploration for Effective Wetland Management: The Case of a Rwandan Ramsar Site

Laure Rurangwa

Participation of local scientists in studies conducted in tropical ecosystems remains low which impedes integration into policy and practices. This symposium aims to present the contributions of local scientists to the management of Rwanda’s only Ramsar site, Rugezi marsh, and share lessons learnt for potential applications in other tropical wetlands.


Conservation and Ornithological Efforts in West Africa

Adams Chaskda, Edu Effiom

A showcase of strategic conservation efforts aimed at conserving avian biodiversity in West Africa, encompassing capacity building, citizen science, species survival, and livelihood integration.


Resurveying Birds to Understand the Past and Plan for the Future

Monte Neate-Clegg, Natalia Ocampo-Peñuela

Resurveys provide an invaluable opportunity to assess trends in biodiversity in tropical regions where long-term monitoring is absent, and this symposium will combine resurvey findings and expertise from around the tropics and inspire more ecologists conduct their own.


Over Fifty Years of Collaborative Research in Tropical Ecology and Conservation at Makerere University Biological

David Tumusiime, Jessica Rothman

We aim to share findings and lessons learnt from over fifty years of collaborative research, training and outreach by scholars who have through participation in different wildlife research projects dedicated their careers to long-term ecological and conservation research.


Long-Term Ecological Research of African Forests: Opportunities and Challenges

David Kenfack

This symposium will evaluate the state of the ongoing long-term ecological research in Tropical Africa, discuss the opportunities, the challenges and propose new perspectives.  It will also offer a broad range of approaches and will reinforce the creation of a network for regional research about this topic.

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