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Unlocking Adaptive Management Using the Conservation Standards

Nicole Gross Camp

An interactive 3-hour primer on the Conservation Standards as an adaptive management tool with a deeper dive on the development of a Situation Analysis and Theory of Change.


Introducing Bioacoustics as a Conservation Tool

Fran Tattersall

This workshop explores how bioacoustics can be used as a survey and monitoring tool for conservation research.


Writing for Publication in Peer-Review Journals: An Interactive and Collaborative Workshop

Sophie Calmé, Sarah Bologna

Writing for Publication in Peer-Review Journals: A 3-day collaborative workshop to inspire, upskill, and motivate emerging scientists from the global South to engage with global conversations and, through making their voices heard, help to enrich and bring diversity to global debates.


Bridging Worlds: Using Illustration/Art as a Common Language for Inclusive Science in the Tropics

Alejandra Perez-Enriquez

Join us at the symposium to explore how inclusive science and the use of illustration as a universal language can foster multidirectional knowledge exchange, bridging the gap between diverse communities and the scientific community for effective conservation and resilience in the tropics.


Improving Collaboration with Local Partners: Finding Common Ground While Stepping Away from Helicopter Science

Sumita Chatterjee

This workshop will be an interactive guided discussion to find points of commonality and diversity in our value systems within conservation, and how to work together to move away from helicopter science, and to build stronger international collaborations.


Toward Inclusive Conservation: Incorporating Gender into Research and Practice

Leandra Merz, Audrey Smith, Claudia Garnica Diaz

This interactive workshop aims to engage participants in fostering more inclusive conservation by incorporating a gendered lens in fieldwork, research approach and implementation, and conservation program and policy development.


Early Career Researcher Workshop at ATBC 2024

Megan Sullivan, Edu Effiom, Maria Natalia Umaña

We aim to better understand the specific needs of early career researchers who attend the ATBC 2024 meeting and use this information to help create programming and events hosted by ATBC and regional chapters in the coming year to serve the needs of ECRs.


Opposite Ecological Forces: Exploring the Interplay of Floods and Fires in Tropical Wetlands

Geraldo Damasceno-Junior

This session aims to discuss the response of biota to fire and flood on tropical fire-prone wetlands and the climatic, economic, socio-ecological, and management aspects of these very special environments.


Communicating Conservation Science

Alejandro Prescott-Cornejo, Rhett Butler

The workshop will help scientists build communication skills to increase the likelihood of attracting media coverage of their work, potentially leading to greater impact of their research and improved public visibility.


Diversity Hidden in the Darkness - Discovering Night-Active Insects with Help of Citizen Science

Radomir Jaskula

The diversity of night-active insects will be recognized and documented for potential future studies using light traps, smartphones and the iNaturalist database.


Introduction to Graphics in R with ggplot2

Orou Gaoue, Nadejda Sero

The instructors will introduce ggplot2 to beginner R users and help them create their beautiful graphics quickly and efficiently.


Introduction to Environmental Journalism for University and Journalism School Students

Rhett Butler

This hands-on workshop aims to equip university and journalism students with the skills and knowledge needed to conduct effective environmental journalism, culminating in creating articles with the potential for publication by Mongabay.


Social-Ecological Restoration Research in Rwanda: A Methodological Approach

Apollinaire William

The workshop session on “Social-Ecological Restoration Research in Rwanda: A methodological Approach” is an interactive session that will combine short presentations and group discussions. It will provide to participants various methods and techniques needed to conduct a multidisciplinary restoration research for social-ecological outcomes, including the organization of stakeholders and their


Ready, Set, Publish: An Overview of the Paper Publication Process

Jennifer Powers

This workshop will discuss strategies for getting your research published in the peer-reviewed, scientific literature.

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