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The ATBC 2024 logo is a symbolic homage to Rwanda, the radiant "land of a thousand hills". Encapsulated within its circular embrace, indicative of nature's unending cycle, rise mountains that capture the iconic topography of Rwanda and the lofty aspirations of tropical conservation and research.


Silhouetted against the vast sky, two human figures are etched, their outlines performing a visual symphony that speaks to the spirit in harmonious coexistence with nature. They represent the soul of wisdom, bridging the ancient and the modern, symbolizing the indispensable role of humans in stewarding the socio-ecosystem


At the heart of the logo lies a bastion of biodiversity; acacias and birds in flight embellish the tropical forest, celebrating its exuberance. A baby elephant, embodying hope and the promise of a preserved tomorrow, strides forward with infectious optimism. Besides it, the stately hippopotamus embodies the confluence of aquatic and terrestrial life, foundational to Rwanda's natural wealth.


The clarity of each element, outlined with deliberate strokes, pays homage to the strength and lucidity of African art, where silhouette and form are pivotal to visual storytelling. These lines do not merely delineate figures; they weave narratives of interconnectedness and the intricate tapestry of life.


In its entirety, this logo is a visual ode to resilience, interdependence, and hope. It encapsulates the spirit of the annual gathering and the steadfast commitment to conservation that Rwanda and the global community tirelessly pursue.


Artist: PhD Candidate Raymundo Sánchez Villavicencio

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